Saturday, February 20, 2010

Unpredictable life events

Early lunch at Loving Hut at Suntec city. This is my 2nd visit there. Ordered Nasi Brani set and Shrimp dumplings - good.

Life is too unpredictable... it was a usual late afternoon where after my busy shopping trip in orchard etc, I will join my parents at the dialysis centre where Dad is having his dialysis. Dad was still complaining I am hopelessly addicted to my i-phone games. Dad was glad and tried the pork floss - extra crispy ones from xiang wei. I had cai fan for dinner and he was eyeing my tofu topped with meat which I offered to save half of it for him later. He proceeded to take temperatue and seconds later, mum noticed this motionless wided eye open on the sofa. We shouted for help...It was chaotic. The first thoughts I had was NO NO NO. The nurses hurried to put back the blood and gave him oxygen to breathe. Mum tried to wake him while I shouted at them to perform CPR. I rushed to call the ambulance and cried to call Brother. His lips were turning black. We prayed hard that he will hang on.

It was only later the doctor informed us we lost him 3 times - once at the dialysis centre, once on the ambulance and once at TTSH. He was admitted to ICU. Mum and myself stayed overnight outside ICU so that we can see and attend to him.