Monday, June 14, 2010

Loreal warehouse sales at Concorde Hotel / Movie Prince of Persia

Loreal warehouse sales at Concorde Hotel. Bought
1. Kerastase conditioner $20
2. Kerastase hair mask $25
3. Skinceuticals face cream $10

Feel super hungry. Had yummy Korean BBQ lunch at Concorde shopping centre food court. I know this stall since 1996. It used to be at Orchard Point Basement Food court :)

Hair Color at Kenaris at Wheelock place (Woman's weekly subscription gift).

Now, it is supposed to be complimenary right? Not sure why the sale lady told me the letter is only $140 and since the hair color service is $148, I had to top up $8 + GST??? Anyway, I just paid and didn't bother to argue. I had original wanted to take some pictures of the hair salon but this totally piss me off.

Visited Bliss at Ion Sephora for Oxygen blast. The place completely caught my attention and I must take a few pictures to share!

Fun loving photo booth:

Bliss top 10 list:

Blissful treatment area:

Manicure/Pedicure treatment area:

Bliss price list:

Finally get to watch Prince of Persia - the sands of time. Since I am at orchard choose Cathay Cineleisure: Nets promo $6 movie ticket Mon-Thu.

This is action packed. Plot is well designed and entertaining. Jake Gyllenhaal has 6 pack!