Saturday, January 8, 2011

Suntec Furniture and Electonics Fair / Lunch at Sizzler

Mum suggest we leave at 9am so that we can reach Suntec at 10am to queue for goodie bag that starts at 11am :P When we reached, there was already a snake queue at level 3 seated on the floor (the exhibition is at Level 4!). At 10:30am, the organiser start asking the crowd to move to L4 and give out queue numbers. By the time it was our turn, all the $29 special buys were out of stock except for the HP printer. Also, you can only choose to buy a special item or get the goodie bag. We choose the goodie bag of course. In fact, we were surprised still have :)

Goodie bag coupon:

A peek at what's in the goodie bag:

To reward me, mum allow me to have lunch at Sizzler (although she doesn't really find it "worth it". Bill is on me of course...)