Monday, August 8, 2011

Lunch 龙虾粥世家 / Movie Captain America

Feeling sick so decided to treat myself to porridge at 龙虾粥世家 Orchard Central L8.

Infamous Long xia zhou at 9.80 per 100g (This is $30):

Crisp-fried lotus root in salted egg yolk & butter sauce ($12):

IMO, not very fantastic and super ex. The Long xia zhou cost me $30, and taste so so only. Surprisingly, the lotus root was super addictive and I couldn't stop eating it - imagine the taste of salted egg yolk crab minus the crab ;) Luckily I only paid $30 in total, using Insing $50 voucher. Don't think I will go back again.

Catch Captain America at Cathay AMK Hub.

Friends told me this is good, but I wasn't too impressed...think I Xmen and Green lantern were better leh.