Monday, September 26, 2011

Bangkok Trip Day 1

Excited about Bangkok trip - need to get away from work. It has been years since I travel with sister alone, not to mention after she got married with 2 kids now :)

Lunch on plane (Myamar airways): Fish with potato. Not bad, really.

1st time sis stayed at Patunwan Princess Hotel. We are pleasantly surprised how new, spacious and cozy the superior room is (luckily I stopped sis from upgrading to deluxe room at $20 more per person):

We decide to reward ourselves with meal at Hong Min restuarant - MBK Basement 1.
Sharksfin Soup (300 baht):

Seafood Fried rice:

XO scallop (300baht):

Lek Massage at Siam Square.

Loots for Day 1: