Tuesday, November 15, 2011

步步惊心 - Drama by 吴奇隆 and 刘诗诗

I just finished this DVD - totally hooked. Now in a crazy addicted stage....love 若曦 and 四阿哥!!! The ost is damn nice and some scenes like korean music???
1. Rewind last 2 disc from the time 4th prince become emperor and focus on the scenes they together
2. Google for all news and videos on drama and 吴奇隆 and 刘诗诗
3. Watch the show from episode 1 fast forward for the love scenes
4. Download the ost
5. Discover some fan unhappy with the original novel and wrote a part 2 that ruoxi go back again...now reading on my iphone
6. And last visit flowerpod to see anyone same as me and found many people!

Wish 吴奇隆 and 刘诗诗 got together in real life....heartache everytime I finish rewatching this drama.