Friday, January 8, 2010

Birthdays Celebrations

Lunch treat to Sister and brother-in-law. Surprisingly, sis choose HK Kim Gary restaurant - she craves for the baked rice.
HK style beef baked rice:

Special Unagi/Abalone baked rice

Side dish - Baked assorted mushroom

After that, send them for 1 hour massage. Was lucky to be able to book massage for 2 person, I only called the salon earlier at 11am today. Cannot help to think what a nice caring sister I am...hahaha...

Concidentally sector 1 year old celebration - had birthday cup cake:

After work, proceed to let our hair down at St. James power station.

We are most interested to visit Dragonfly - where they play canto/chinese pop. Heard from colleague Sylvester Sim (singapore idol runner up) was performing here. Was lucky to get able to share a table (and seats of course!!!) with some ladies (stangers). Enjoyed the music and live band. Especially appreciate the fact that no smoking is allowed inside(I love u singapore govt!). How long have we not visited night spots??? When the disco light shine on me, I felt high and young again...hahaha. Both JW and myself felt really relaxed. We agreed we should visit these places more often.