Monday, January 11, 2010

Bei Shang chuan Vivocity 北上川

Today AH introduced me to this steamboat restuarant Bei Shang chuan 北上川 at Vivocity. The set steamboat only cost $6.80++. I had seen the promotion signboard before at Vivocity B2 in front of breadtalk but I was seceptical about it as I had tried Jpot before and find it pricey and serving size is only reasonable.

When I was served, I was amazed at its generous portion! There are 4 big prawns too!

Generally the food is average only, fresh ingredients so it really depends on how you mix the sauce to achieve the taste you desire, soup base so so, service ok. All I can say is this is the cheapest steamboat I ever eaten! Couldn't finish the food (friends who know me will be amazed!)