Monday, November 23, 2009

TLB Roadshow and 煮炒来咯/ 双喜菜馆

I collected prizes from ACP Magazines today for J and myself.
Cleo/Stage $200 hamper:

Cleo/Loreal $200 hamper:

Thanks to Cleo magazine for the wonderful gifts!

Next stop is TLB (The luxury booklet) roadshow at Raffles xchange.

Subscribed at $36 for 6 issues and get goodie bag:

Sure-win lucky dip prize - so happy, this is worth $38:

After Dad's appointment at SGH, we takeaway food at 煮炒来咯/ 双喜菜馆 (Zion Road).
Food list:

炸元蹄 Extremely crispy!



Thumbs up for the 金瓜奶油虾!