Saturday, August 15, 2009

Murad promotion at Halem Street

0I was attracted by Cleo promotion - spend $80 nett and get a free facial so went to check it out. But was disappointed: 1. $80 nett spend is only on regular items, if you buy special items e.g. mask $39 cannot be included in the $80 spend. 2. Facial done by Tara and for 1st timers only (I have been there before). The lady Yuki was quite friendly and in the end, I pai seh bought 1 hydrating mask $39 (usual $69) from her.


There was a 20% off regular items but I thought Metro upcoming promo was better:

I interpret it as buy 1 product 10%, ... 3 products get 28%.
How wrong I was! When I call up, I almost faint. It reads like this: 1 product (least expensive one) at 10%, 3rd product (most expensive one 28% off). And if you prepay for early bird $50 (again there is hidden t&c: min one more than $100 product), you get a toner BUT if you buy 3 item $122,$69 and $60 each: Most expensive item ($122-$50)less 28%, 2nd item $69 less 18%, Cheapest item $60 less 10%. In the end, I got so pissed off that they loss a great customer: ME!

How many of you got it wrong like me??!!!